Magenet ads, income declining rapidly

Magenet was a new ad network which was promising a lot of money initially, however they were placing permanent links without the permission of the website owner. When the website owner realized this , the number and value of ads has declined rapidly and there is no transparency , ad placement is manual, wasting a … Continue reading “Magenet ads, income declining rapidly”

Magenet was a new ad network which was promising a lot of money initially, however they were placing permanent links without the permission of the website owner. When the website owner realized this , the number and value of ads has declined rapidly and there is no transparency , ad placement is manual, wasting a lot of time and resources .
So soon magenet will revert to the pre 2014 status when the website owner was making only $50 or $60 from the websites as the ad network owner only is interested in placing permanent links manually without paying much money. This is a direct result of the google, tata fraud, when they have got their associates control of all ad networks falsely claiming that they are doing work online and investing money online , when actually these women were not doing any work or investing any money online at all.
In 2015, the income from magenet was $400 monthly, in november 2016, the income has declined to $140 and will decrease further as there is no transparency in the indian internet sector and those who are given control of magenet are diverting all ads to their associates only, abusing their discretionary powers

Website hacked to blocked exposing brahmin fraud R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar, ntro official giving fake references

Google is ruthless in destroying competition, and is involve in major impersonation frauds/identity theft scams on competitors , getting all those who cheat the google competitor lucrative permanent indian intelligence agency jobs with fake resume, fake investment and fake work.
When a victim tried to get any information about the google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW employee who cheated her, google and their associates were ruthless and deleted the home page, so that the fraud R&AW employee would not be exposed
The prime minister and government claims to be very interested in ending corruption then why are R&AW, CBI, indian intelligence agencies falsely claiming that women who never answered JEE like brahmin raw employee nayanshree hathwar, are experienced engineers with a btech 1993 ee degree, online experts and domain investors to get these google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence jobs and pay them a monthly indian government salary of Rs 20000 or more each

Why are R&AW, NTRO, CBI not willing to accept that nayanshree hathwar is only a housewife and is getting a monthly salary because of google, tata fraud

Deindexing websites of competitors, takeover targets

It appears that one of the easiest methods to cause losses to a link seller is to deindex all their websites in google , especially wordpress blogs which are making a lot of money. Deindexation does not depend on the quality of the website or content, it depends on the owner of the website. Google is systematically deindexing websites of link sellers competing with google adwords and is paying indian internet companies to check the mailbox and find out the names of the websites where wordpress blogs have been installed .
The revenues of the link seller are closely monitored and if there is an increase in the revenues, the cause of the revenue increase is analyzed and google is quickly taking steps to reverse the revenue increase, and cause losses. NTRO is wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to increase google profits, using ntro equipment to monitor all activities of the link seller, especially memory reading, so that google can get information on a competitor for free , with the help of the indian government,

Websites deindexed for exposing naina-parmar fraud

It now appears that wordpress blogs were systematically deindexed only for exposing naina-parmar online fraud. The eight standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons in panaji, goa has never used a computer in her life and does not know what a domain name is, however a fraud ntro official parmar, allegedly bribed by google to humiliate, defame a competitor, falsely claimed that the fraud housewife naina had the resume, investment of a google competitor to get the fraud housewife naina a lucrative CBI job with monthly salary of Rs 20000 or more.
Thus the fraud parmar denied the real domain investor the opportunities she deserved, humiliated and defamed her. when the news of parmar’s fraud promoting the housewife naina, mother of two sons, was exposed, immediately the cunning parmar and his associates accessed the mailbox, checked the associated wordpress account information and deindexed all the wordpress blogs.
For more than 6 years, the fraud parmar who is associated with a domain registrar and his associates have been defaming the domain investor without any proof at all to ruin her reputation, deny opportunities, cheat and exploit her , it would be interesting to know how he is defending his lies promoting eigth standard pass naina , who has never invested a single penny in domain names in her life, yet is getting a monthly salary of more than Rs 20000 a month, because of parmar’s domain fraud , fake claims

Started to Build My House

I have just now started to work on the new house. We have the land cleared out, in fact that was pretty easy to be honest. A couple of years ago some idiot kids were out in this part of the country and they started a brush fire that destroyed almost all of the ground cover. The stuff that has grown back is not thick at all and there are hardly any trees. I went on the web and found out that the TXU energy rates were the best for this part of the state. I got them to hook up the power to an old trailer house. It is barely worth the money that I paid to have it moved onto the lot, but of course I have no interest in it as an abode. Instead I am just using it to store my tools. In fact I have them hidden as best as I could. The idea is that if you broke in the place, you would think that it is abandoned. Continue reading “Started to Build My House”

Error for VG responsive theme for wordpress

The iit kharagpur gold medalist sundar pichai led google is extremely ruthless in destroying competition competing with google adwords. It has allegedly bribed senior ntro officials to sabotage all activity and cause losses, especially if a indian resident is involved. The latest problem took place when the VG responsive theme was installed for a wordpress website.
After the VG responsive theme was installed not only were some pages of the website were not accessible, the admin could not login and the following error was observed.
ERROR: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output. For help, please see this documentation or try the support forums.

The experienced wordpress admin managed to fix the website.

WordPress theme installation taking up a lot of bandwidth

NTRO officials are ruthless in harassing domain investors using microwave weapons, voice to skull technology, falsely claiming that bandwidth is a criteria for internet addiction. However they fail to realize that just installing a suitable wordpress theme can take up a lot of bandwidth due to the extremely poor design of wordpress theme selection page
Instead of showing only 10 themes on the home page, they will show 100’s of themes wasting bandwidth everywhere
Of these 100s of themes shown , the first few themes will be the default themes, which are already installed, why is wordpress showing these themes again, wasting bandwith.,

It appears that no one at wordpress is interested in optimizing the bandwidth, reducing the wastage of bandwidth for theme selection

No page rank a major blessing from Google

When google stopped showing page rank , it has become a major advantage for link sellers, because google has greatly reduced google’s power to control their income. Earlier it was extremely difficult to make any money from a completely deindexed website, as Page rank was the only consideration for most link sellers. There is no logic of deindexing some websites by google, now when a website is deindexed, it still has some value.
Google has been crudely asking their contractors or associates to deindex all high TF, bidvertiser websites to reduce their revenues to the extent possible, however now a lot of link building can be done, without anyone being able to trace the pattern used, with google or any search engine, manual review is the only option available.

After deindexing blogs, no sponsored posts

The cunning ntro officials led by j srinivasan, siddhi mandrekar were trying to cause losses to the domain investor falsely claiming that she was providing a service , if she wrote blog posts of $10 or less, out of a total revenue of $400 more . They falsely claimed that she was evading service tax when actually the amount was too small to be eligible for service tax. In india service tax has to be paid only for Rs 10 lakh revenues, or $16700 or more and exporters are exempted
When the domain investor exposed the fraud service tax allegations of the ntro officials, they immediately deindexed all the websites to cause losses, and have then stopped providing any sponsored posts.
This clearly indicates that they were trying to make fake service tax allegations for the sponsored posts, so they were providing a few assignments to justify their atrocities, Usually September to January is the peak period for online advertising, however there is no work available at all, indicating how vicious the NTRO officials are in making fake service tax allegations

These ntro officials are getting a good salary and pension , yet they are extremely selfish, dishonest, vicious in making fake service tax allegations against the harmless domain investor, to defame, cheat, exploit, harass and torture them for the rest of their lives.

More on massive deindexation of wordpress, other websites

It appears that almost all wordpress blogs have been deindexed to cause losses to the website owner. After google stopped showing page rank, it realized that it had lost a major tool to control the revenue of link sellers, so it is deindexing wordpress blogs regularly every three months or so.
In October 2016, ,multiple link sellers like Fiza Fatima have been sending their list of websites for selling text links , blog posts. On checking these websites, it has become obvious that these websites are all deindexed.
Wordpress has data on every wordpress blog installed and allegedly may be sharing the data with google, allowing google to deindex websites. For static websites, google will find it difficult to collect any data, so these websites are remaining indexed for years .
Link selling has become a very dangerous game
Static websites with bidvertiser have also been deindexed by google, removing the bidvertiser code has not changed the indexation